Ostomy Care Isn’t Always Easy

If you have a stoma, caring for the skin around it needs to be done with a certain level of care to maintain your comfort and help. You will want the right nurse to educate you on ostomy care so you can prevent infections. You need to feel confident about caring for the stoma yourself, otherwise you want might to have a caregiver come to your home to help with the process.

Reasons For Stomas

There are a variety of reasons why someone might have to have a stoma. If you have had a colostomy, a urostomy, or an ileostomy, you might need a stoma. After a stoma surgery, which loops the small bowel out onto the surface of your abdomen so waste can collect in a pouch, you need careful care to adjust and to remain comfortable. The stoma can be red, but there shouldn’t be any sensation in it. That makes it harder to detect when an infection is beginning.

What Do You Need To Do?

There are a number of things you will need to learn how to do to care for your stoma with the right level of ostomy care. You need to be able to change your pouching system, seal the pouching system once it is replaced, prevent leaks, conceal the pouch for your comfort, and clean the skin around the stoma. Caregivers and skilled nurses can teach you all of that and they can even check in on you occasionally to see if you are doing okay with the maintenance process.

Signs You Need Help

If you don’t have the mobility or hand strength to take care of the stoma on your own, you might need a caregiver to help with the process. Caregivers are trained in a variety of areas and you can get one that can help with ostomy care, specifically. While they are in your home, they can also help you bathe, fix meals, clean, or do other things that might be necessary in your home. Ostomy care isn’t something most people are comfortable leaving up to just anyone, even family. Sometimes, it’s simpler to have a professional take care of the issues.

Contact Us For Quality Ostomy Care

If you are unsure as to whether or not you need help with your stoma, contact Sphinx Home Health Care, a nurse can come to your home and teach you the basics. You can try a few things out and see if you are capable of remembering the proper steps and functioning properly. If you find that you cannot do it alone, contact the skilled nurses at Sphinx Home Health Care once again and ask for assistance on a regular basis. You need the best option for your health and the last thing anyone needs is to risk infection. Trained nurses can teach you as many times as it takes or simply do the job for you within the privacy of your home, if you find that you are unable to handle it alone.