With traditional programs, balance dysfunction is treated with gait training and general strengthening exercises. This approach fails to address the root causes of the problem and can lead to repeated falls. Sphinx Home Health Care offers a comprehensive home rehabilitation program that takes a multi-system approach to the evaluation and treatment of balance dysfunction – all in the comfort of your home.

Home Care Assistance

This program can get you on the road to recovery so you can begin to enjoy life again without the fear of falling. Sphinx’s team of skilled home health care nursing professionals will comprehensively assess you for balance dysfunctions and determine the root cause of a fall by:

  • Thoroughly evaluating your vision, vestibular system (inner ear), balance, sensation, and coordination using standardized clinical testing tools
  • Using the latest technology to treat pain and neuropathy (numbness in feet)
  • Evaluating prescribed medications for balance-related side effects
  • Assessing your home environment for potential problems

Once the cause of a fall is determined, our team of skilled practitioners and in-home nurses will work with your physician to develop and implement a customized treatment plan to correct any balance dysfunction. This fall prevention program may include balance training, at-home therapy, changes in medication, or the modification of your environment to mitigate risks.

If you have fallen, or have a fear of falling, ask your physician if in-home care may be beneficial to you, and then have them contact Sphinx Home Health Care today.

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