Sphinx Home Health Care’s orthopedic joint program is a home care service specializing in the therapeutic management of post-surgical joint replacements. This program provides comprehensive physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nursing according to the physician’s orders.

Orthopedic Joint Program

The program includes:

  • Pre- and post-operative education
  • In-home exercises
  • Ambulation training
  • A home environment safety assessment

After being discharged from the hospital operating room, the rehab and treatment program will involve one-on-one therapy in the patient’s home to regain range of motion. This at-home care also aids in:

  • Muscle strengthening
  • Improving mobility
  • Caring for wounds
  • Monitoring any blood coagulation therapies
  • Continuous patient and family education

Sphinx Home Health Care therapists place emphasis on:

  • Improving functional mobility
  • Increasing the flexibility and strength of the affected joint
  • Improving static and dynamic balance
  • Increase endurance levels so the patient can manage activities of daily life without getting tired
  • Implementation of cardiovascular exercises and stretching
  • Development of an individualized home exercise program
  • Gait training with an appropriate assistive device
  • House assessment and modification

An in-home nursing assessment and evaluation include:

  • Proper care of the incision site
  • Medication management
  • Safety assessment and education
  • Completing the necessary lab work
  • Removing surgical staples
  • Close communication with physicians
  • Assessing pain level and pain management

If you are going to have joint replacement, ask your physician if at-home nursing care may be the best option for you, and request that they contact Sphinx Home Health Care today.

If you have any questions, call 1-877-774-4694 or email care@sphinxhomecare.com.

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