At Sphinx Home Health Care, we know that our clinicians and staff members are our most valuable asset, so we’re looking for the best people to join our team. Why work for Sphinx HHC? We’re always working to show you just what you mean to us. Here, get to know the ways we support our employees, the opportunities and benefits, and the excitement of a career at one of the growing home health care organization southeast Michigan.

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Professional Development & Advancement

Whether you’re exploring home health care as a potential career or have years of experience and are looking for a new specialty, Sphinx HHC offers a wide range of positions and opportunities that other clinical settings often don’t — or can’t.

As a home health care specialist in the field, your days won’t be spent in an office or on the floor of a hospital. You’ll care for your patients in their homes, where you’ll have the opportunity to build relationships and get a glimpse into their lives that most health care providers aren’t able to see. By observing their environment, you may even find that you’re able to treat patients more effectively.

In addition, you’ll be part of a team that provides high-quality care to each patient. You’ll work more independently than you might in a clinic, hospital, or medical office, but you’ll never be isolated from your colleagues.

And you’ll receive plenty of support. While you’re in the field seeing patients, you’ll have access to online resources, including patient records, extensive databases of disease and drug information, and access to the Web. Of course, clinical specialists, education staff, and managers are always just a phone call away.

A Great Place to Work

At Sphinx HHC, we’re passionate about what we do, whether we spend our days in the field seeing patients or in the office creating marketing campaigns. We work together to advance the goals and mission of our organization, and to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers and our staff, 24/7. At Sphinx HHC, we’re known for providing high-quality services to our patients, and that is matched by the quality work experience and rewards provided to employees.

Our clinical staff also enjoy flexibility in setting their patient caseloads and their schedules. Many find that this autonomy makes home health care a less stressful environment than other work settings.

At Sphinx HHC, we appreciate the wealth of knowledge each employee brings to the organization, and we welcome opportunities to learn from each other. We rely on the diversity of experiences, expertise, and ideas of our colleagues to point the way toward improvements and innovations across the organization — from the programs and services we offer to technology and research.

Compensation & Benefits

Apart from the chance to be a member of a highly regarded care team in Michigan, you also enjoy employee treatment maintained by a management that understands what drives every health care professional to perform well in their chosen field. Our full time employees enjoy:

  • Competitive pay
  • Paid Holidays and personal days
  • Vacation Days
  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Long and Short term Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance & ADD
  • 401K with company matching.

With us, your employee perks are also customized to motivate you further into higher career growth levels. Your career with us is not a dead-end. We find ways to keep you going for the gold.