Congestive heart failure occurs when a weakened heart’s pumping action creates a buildup of fluid called congestion in the lungs and other body tissues. Heart failure does not mean that your heart has completely stopped pumping blood, but it does mean that your heart is not pumping the amount of blood that your body needs to properly function.

Congestive Heart Failure Treatment

If you’ve recently been discharged from the hospital following treatment for congestive heart failure, a heart attack, or recent bypass surgery, you may require in-home nursing care or therapy.

Under the care of Sphinx Home Health Care, dedicated nurses and therapists can provide a personalized congestive heart failure management program that includes:

  • Providing a full physical assessment during each visit to monitor for complications
  • Measuring a patient’s weight and size of legs, ankles, feet, and abdomen to assess water retention
  • Teaching proper use of medications
  • Assisting and educating patients in safely performing activities of daily living
  • Teaching energy conservation skills to help patients maintain higher levels of energy
  • Assessing the safety of the patient’s home
  • Recommending and implementing safety improvements

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