Speech therapy involves much more than just relearning or improving your ability to form words after suffering from a stroke or other brain injury, and it can help people of any age. If you or a loved one have suffered a stroke or any other illness or injury that has affected the muscles that control swallowing and help you form words, Sphinx Home Health Care can help.

Sphinx speech therapists will develop a program that can help strengthen the muscles of the mouth, neck, and face to alleviate problems like choking or coughing, while also improving the ability to speak clearly, chew, and swallow. We address strokes, injuries, sensory disorders, and learning disabilities with a careful and caring approach that includes:

  • Aural rehabilitation
  • Evaluation of communication skills
  • Improving cognitive ability
  • Coaching
  • Voice disorder treatment
  • Swallowing exercises
  • Sign language education
  • Speech articulation improvement
  • Dysphagia treatment

Ask us how Speech Therapy can help. We would love to discuss the creation of a home speech therapy care plan for you or a loved one.

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