Caring for seniors with diabetes can be a challenge with the complex disease. There are many lifestyle choices that will improve the quality of life, but making sure that happens isn’t always easy without the proper care and monitoring. Here are some tips on helping to lower the risk for complications in senior patients.

Get to and stay at a healthy weight. For those who aren’t mobile, they will not be able to be  as physically active, but diet can help to manage weight. Having extra weight can contribute to complications other than diabetes too. Conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, poor cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels that are too high.

Eating healthy can help manage diabetes too. When your body gets what it needs, it can manage the blood sugar levels much better than if someone with diabetes is eating improperly. In this case, their body is trying to keep up and can’t. Poor eating habits can make the symptoms much worse and can be dangerous.

Physical activity will help too with managing the diabetes. Again, this depends on mobility, but physical activity can help reduce symptoms, lower weight. Even if the senior doesn’t have a great deal of mobility, even monitored chair exercises are helpful in managing diabetes. Exercise helps to use the glucose that comes from food eaten in the right way.

Having good foot care is crucial to staying healthy. If foot wounds get infected, the infections can quickly spread to the patient’s bone and cause amputation if it’s not treated efficiently.

At Sphinx Home Health Care our home care nurses understand the needs for diabetes care services. Our team will evaluate your loved one and determine what the best diabetes nursing care plan will be. Our staff will take care of your loved one and keep up with their fluid intake and diet to help manage the symptoms of the disease.