Safety proofing your home for optimal security with senior adult who may easily hurt themselves can be intimidating and overwhelming. It is not like childproofing with a crawling infant. Adults know how to do things for themselves and are not limited by a few feet off the floor, they can reach much more and deserve the dignity they deserve, while still keeping them safe. There can be so much more to watch for to keep your adult family members safe. We’ve addressed preventative measures you can do to help avoid falls by keeping the floor free of clutter and installing hand holds in a previous blog.

  • There are many other precautions you can take to help a senior adult safe if they are in home health care. Here are a few to get started.
  • Make sure all the fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are properly working and check the batteries regularly.
  • Letting neighbors and the police know if there are any concerns about your family member who is memory impaired.
  • Have a phone with large numbers and emergency phone numbers posted near the phone for a family member with vision impairment.
  • Make sure there is good lighting throughout the house and place nightlights or glow in the dark tape in hallways.
  • Mark any stairs or changes in flooring height with fluorescent tape.
  • You may want more care for your at home senior or elderly family member. Sphinx Home Health Care in Sterling Heights, Michigan offers complete at home health care. Check this list of resources that has a more complete list of suggestions to keep your family member safe while at home. Our occupational therapists can also offer suggestions specific to your family member’s medical health and living situation.