Why Preventing Falls Is Important

Nearly a third of the aged population in America suffers from falls every year, with more than two million older adults being taken to the emergency room due to fall-related injuries, according to the CDC. Unfortunately, as we age, our physical abilities begin to fail, our bones and muscles become weaker, and after the age of 65, our chances of being seriously hurt by a fall increase drastically. That is why it is so important to provide safe senior in-home care while doing our part to help prevent falls.

Making Senior Homes Safe

One of the first steps to preventing elderly falls is ensuring that the home is safe. However, because the most private areas (such as the bathroom) are often the most dangerous, having an expert home care nurse to help is recommended. In addition, it will help to:

  • Remove tripping hazards
  • Install handrails on stairs
  • Make sure high-risk areas are well-lit (like stairs and bathrooms)
  • Get rid of small area rugs or make sure they are firmly secured to the ground
  • Place non-slip mats in shower areas
  • Avoid the use of step ladders or stools by placing necessary items on lower shelves

Encourage Aging Persons' Health

By exercising and having regular eye exams, seniors are enabled to lead stronger, more confident, and safer lives. On the contrary, a lack of activity as we age only encourages weakened muscles and bones, making falls and injuries from falls more likely. It is also important to understand the medications that are being taken. Many medications for seniors cause vision and balance impairments, increasing the likelihood for falls.

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