Making a large decision like choosing to move an aging family member or loved one into an assisted living facility or to keep them at home can be a big decision for the family. The story of each person is different as they age, therefore it’s important to examine the decision from all sides to make the best decision possible. Here are some considerations to look at when making this decision.

  • What is the individual’s functionality? Are they high functioning? Do they need someone to check in on them a couple of times a day? Or, do they need constant supervision?
  • What is the home situation? Is it the sixth floor walk up apartment or a ranch home with wheelchair accessibility? Is there safe and accessible public transportation?
  • If the home isn’t accessible, can it be easily altered or modified to fit an individual’s specific needs?
  • Are there friends or family available to help? Are they close by? Are there community resources and senior activities close by?
  • What medical conditions need to be attended to? Are medical visits routine or are they frequent to manage chronic conditions?
  • What finances are available to provide for the costs associated with care? Is it more cost effective for the senior to live at home with an in home care provider or is it better for them to live at an assisted living facility with medical care on hand? Create a budget with costs of each option and weigh the pros and cons.

Involve the family and any other support systems in the decision making. There are many options available. Senior home care can look different for each individual, with an infinite number of possibilities depending on the needs of the individual, finances and support. Contact us at Sphinx Home Health Care for information about our services home care assistance services for your senior family member or loved one.