Balance is important for people of all ages to have mastered, especially if you have home health care in your Sterling Heights home. As a senior adult, it is valuable for you to work on improving your balance through easy exercises so you can limit your accidents and increase your performance. The physical elements of having good balance include having good posture, having strong hips and legs, not being on prescription drugs that contribute to dizziness or having health issues that would cause dizziness or lightheadedness. Our brains and nervous systems also play a big role in our balance.

Exercises like the ones on the National Institute of Health website or those on the Mayo Clinic site are helpful. Being able to count on your body to carry you and right your position if you stumble will help to prevent falls and injuries as a senior adult. As with any exercise program, check with your doctor to make sure you can perform the exercises safely or see a physical therapist to assist with the moves so they are done correctly.

Practicing having a good sturdy posture, like an athlete in a ready position. Most all athletes have their feet wide, hips and knees flexed and their upper body forward when they’re poised to move. This is a sturdy position. As a senior adult, finding your sturdy position may help in a time of need. Performing these positions on a daily basis will promote balance, but they aren’t just for your muscles, they are also helpful for your brain. Just as when we were younger, practicing certain muscle memory stands true still. You are also training your muscles to go to a position if balance is lost to regain stability. As you exercise, keep a sturdy chair nearby or have someone to assist, like an at home physical therapy specialist from Sphinx Home Health Care.


***Here are the links for good balance exercises from the National Institute of Health and the Mayo Clinic.