Nearly a third of all adults over the age of 65 years have falls each year. The gravity of the injuries increases more among elderly adult falls and can result in fatal and nonfatal injuries, breaking a hip, knee, pelvis, spine, elbow are common injuries that can create the need for surgery and take a long time in recovery and physical therapy. While September 22 has been marked Falls Prevention Awareness Day, everyday is a day that can be used to prevent falls, year round. Although, some falls cannot be prevented, but most can through thorough checking the home for tripping hazards and offering supports, like hand rails, in places they’re needed inside and outside the home. Other tips to avoid falls may include:

  • Taking out throw rugs or moving them to ancillary parts of the home.
  • Making sure there aren’t cords laying around.
  • Keeping the floor clear of debris and tripping hazards.
  • Having smooth transitions between different types of flooring.
  • Wiping up messes and spills immediately so slips don’t happen.
  • Installing sufficient lighting, especially near staircases.
  • Adding grab bars in the bathroom, near the shower/tub and toilet.
  • Wear good fitting shoes indoor and out for added stability.

Prevention is key, but when those falls happen, know that there is home therapy available for your loved one. Sphinx Home Health Care in Sterling Heights, MI offers at home physical therapy. We also have staff who can help you check the home and decide what may be a fall hazard. Take the extra precautions needed to keep your loved one safe from falls. Contact us for more information.